Nuno Scarf Making

Nuno Scarf Making

Nuno Felting is a technique that bonds loose fibre, usually wool, into a sheer fabric such as silk gauze, creating a lightweight felt. The name is derived from the Japanese word “nuno” meaning cloth. Patterns and designs are limited only to your imagination. Learn how to create a unique piece of wear-able art. It is a wet and somewhat messy process, so dress accordingly! The workshop is free however to offset our costs we are asking partipants to purchase the scarves they produce or to donate them to LAC so we can sell them in the gallery. Suggested purchase price is $45 per piece.

This event is ideal for beginners to experienced 12 years old and up. It is a great family activity.

Come to the gallery for examples and for inspiration! These scarves would make excellent Mother’s Day gifts.

Sessions will be held April 28 / 29 from 10 – 4. You can attend either one or both. Bring a lunch.

To register, you can come into the Art Center gallery or simply click here.

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