UPDATE – Date change for Billyo O’Donnell Plein Art Workshop

UPDATE – Date change for Billyo O’Donnell Plein Art Workshop

For more than two decades I’ve been intrigued by the way a painting’s surface and subject complement and compete in the viewer’s mind. In working plein air, I am excited by the way my visual experience translates into a surface language expressed through the richness of paint. Using a personal language of abstract marks, I want to share with the viewer a deeper emotional response to the world in which we live.

This is a fantastic opportunity to learn oil painting techniques from highly acclaimed artist Billyo O’Donnell. Locally, you can see wonderful examples of his work in Mike Carroll’s gallery. This  in-depth workshop on painting from life on location is for the advanced to the beginner. The goal is to give each student a solid understanding of the visual experience through the painting process while engaging the most basic to the most advanced concepts. Billyo will demonstrate and lecture to the group and personalize his instruction for the individual. Billyo’s easy going personality and dedication to teaching has been appreciated by many.

Workshop will be held Friday,  December 27  from 9am-4pm.

Cost is only $125 for this one day events. Materials are not included.  Limited to 12 participants.

Participants will meet at the art center on the morning of the first day and then we will be painting from select locations across the beautiful island of Lana’i, Hawaii.

The instructor  will have a car and may have room for 2-3 students and the equipment. It is highly  encouraged that students carpool to locations.

Materials are not included; a recommended  materials list is available. Please provide adequate time to attain your supplies.

Registration for this workshop is now open. Please don’t delay! You can sign up at the Art Center or online here.

For more information about Billyo and his art, you can visit his website here.

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