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The Art Center News at the End 2016

Aloha one and all!
We hope you had a wonderful Holiday Season and have a great 2017!

In 2016, the Art Center saw several changes. Sarah Jones took on greater responsibilities within her pastor duties and passed the reins as LAC Director to Bill Moore. Bill has been busy updating procedures and technologies to improve accurate payments to artists. LAC is also implementing a new membership management system to better track and service our constituents. We are still working out the bugs, so our apologies if you receive multiple mailings. We are also in the process of updating our website to make it easier to find out what’s happening at the Art Center. Currently on our website  you can become a member or renew your membership, make a donation (hint), and register for events. By creating a user account, you can ensure we have your current contact information, you can receive event discounts, and you save us money. Thanks for your cooperation!

Volunteers Needed!
More gallery changes!

As 2016 comes to a close, LAC is thankful for the many years of service Jeanne Marie has contributed as the gallery’s coordinator. We are pleased to announce that Alicia Blackwell is now the gallery coordinator and hopes to have the gallery open 6 days a week with a volunteer staff. To accomplish this we will need more volunteers. You do not need to be an artist to volunteer at the art center, only a community member. Please come see Alicia at the Lanai Art Center on Mondays 10-4 or call at 565-7503.

The Art Center is a Gathering Place for All
We are looking for more local talent!

Here at Lanai Art Center, while our gallery will always be a co-op for all  local Lanai artists, we would like to return to our roots and make the Art Center a gathering  place for the creation of the arts through classes, workshops, studio access and local artists’ showcases.  LAC is expanding to include new and old classes and workshops in the new year. We have begun with a Ceramics Introductory class that is ongoing on Wednesday evenings. We are pleased to see the ceramics studio getting much more use these days. We are in the process of updating the wood shop and hope to see the sawdust flying! If you would like to spread your talents to our community, please come talk to us to discuss your ideas for a workshop or class. Share with us your visions and ideas. We encourage new works to be displayed at Lanai Art Center as this is truly a community art center. A percentage of the profits pay for Keiki art classes year round and benefit the community in many ways. We would love to see beading, painting, silk screening, poetry readings, photography and others on a regular calendar of events.

Keiki Crafts
Our proceeds support our local kids!

We will always provide art opportunities for the Keiki. This past semester, LAC partnered with the LHES library for creative activities that serviced over 140 participants in a variety of crafts including metal work, weaving, and painting. Mommy & Me sessions are held Mondays for parents with preschoolers. This coming school semester, Ms. Sagawa will be providing crafty art projects 3 days per week in grade 1 – 5 classrooms.

Join Us!
Become a member or donate!

We welcome everyone to come into the gallery and enjoy the beautiful locally hand made art and participate in classes and workshops. We would love to have you join the Lanai Art Center ohana! Remember, it’s easy to join online and you can always drop by the Art Center for a membership application. Included in your membership is free open access to both studios. Membership is only $30 for individuals, and $60 for a household of four.

Lanai Art Center is a 501(c)3 nonprofit and donations are always welcome and can easily be made on our website.

Kathleen Alexander Workshop
Have fun learning watercolor techniques from a renowned teacher!

LAC presents the third annual Kathleen Alexander Watercolor Workshop. Kathleen is a gifted water-colorist and teacher who lives in Haiku, Maui.
This is a two day Watercolor workshop (beginners welcome) where Kathleen will provide detailed instruction on how to paint a tropical flower from beginning to end.It will be held at the LHES High School Art Classroom on Saturday and Sunday, January 21-22, 2017 from 9 AM-4 PM each day.  Coffee and snacks will be provided.

For more information and to register call, come to the gallery, or better yet, register online!

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Last Fifth Friday of 2016!

Important Update! Due to weather conditions, this event has been cancelled, sorry!


It’s hard to believe, but it’s 5th Friday time again. Come on by the Art Center to hear the smooth sounds of Greg & Pearce, get a mini-mani from Mimi, and have some hot cider and popcorn. If you missed out, we still have our See’s Candy fundraiser happening, and there are all kinds of new items to check out in the gallery. See you Friday!

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Holiday Party Around the Square

Come join us this Saturday. Santa will be joining us for photo opportunities, Mimi will being doing mini-mani’s, and there may be mystery music. ALSO our latest shipment of See’s candies has arrived with favorites such as Nuts & Chews, Peppermint Mints, Toffee-ette’s, and Walnut Squares. Come for early Christmas shopping and get into the spirit!

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Introduction to Ceramics

ceramic-wed-nightsStarting this Wednesday, we will be conducting sessions on Basic Introduction to Working with Clay. This is a two session course that will cover making simple containers, hanging art, ornaments, preparing for firing in the kiln, glazing and all related aspects of making handmade pottery pieces. Learn about recognizing types of clay, how to keep clay workable for specific pieces, wedging, rolling, pinch pot, slab formation, coiling, use of tools, and more!

Sessions will be every Wednesday from 6 – 9 PM. Cost for non-members is $25 for the two sessions and includes materials. Discounted fee for members is only $10. What a deal! Pre-registration is suggested but not required. See you there!
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Ohe Kapala Fabric Art

ohekapala-hawaiian-art-sat-10152016Ohe Kapala are bamboo stamps with intricate designs. These were used in ancient times to create repetitive patterns onto kapa. Using one stamp the artist could create hundreds of different designs. These designs played on both positive and negative space, creating patterns with even the unstamped portion of the design. Join us on Sat Oct 15 to make your own design. Bring your own fabric items or purchase at the workshop.

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Unclaimed Clay – Need some help!

clayIt’s great seeing so much activity in the ceramics studio, especially on Tuesdays and Thursdays. A new shipment of clay and glazes should be arriving soon. In the meantime, we need to tidy things up a bit. There are several bags of clay with names, but have been untouched for several months. We’re cleaning. Please name your clay and projects in a box before Sep 5, 2016. Unclaimed/unnamed items become the property of Lanai Art Center. Mahalo for your help and support!

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